We work with life science and healthcare incubators, accelerators and biotech parks to provide resident companies with outstanding content development services.

Why Filament? Because we are scientists who understand the data and the language, but also communicators who know how to take that data and make it relevant and accessible to diverse audiences.

As a partner, we offer your companies prioritization and discounted pricing for services such as:

White Papers
Data-driven, visually attractive and easily-digestible reports about some aspect of your industry. Perfect for keystone content to hand out at conferences.
Technical Reports
Data-driven documents focused on the numbers and details behind your product. Created for industry insiders who need to get down in the weeds.

Key takeaways from your industry or product, summarized in graphic format. Great for downloads and handouts. In partnership with JP Science Marketing.
Blog Posts
Written for technical or lay audiences, a great way to demonstrate your company’s leadership and perspective on relevant topics.
Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes to review your work. Having an experienced editor can make all the difference, especially for technical content.
Bring in a KOL to discuss your field, or someone from your team to demo your product. People love video, and webinars can easily be repurposed into other formats.
Audio Content
Podcasting is exploding, but very few companies are using it at all. Give your stakeholders something that’s easy to consume and gives them a real look at who you are.
Social Media
Your audience is on social, so you should be too. Educating, listening, engaging, and – yes – promoting in order to drive awareness and buy-in for your product.
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