The One Thing I Learned from 43 Interviews

I’m working on a project for Chris Conner, over at Life Science Marketing Radio. Short version: We’re taking years of blog posts and podcasts, and repurposing them into new content. The blog posts are turning into an ebook, the podcast transcripts into blog posts. So I’m going through several dozen interviews Chris carried out with […]

6 ways to try something new in your marketing

What happens when people stop paying attention? We are standing in the middle of a flood of content – advertising, marketing, email, video, surveys, promotion – and eventually we start to tune it out. There’s that email newsletter you used to read first thing every morning that you now delete without opening. There’s the podcast you […]

Getting Personalization Right in Email Marketing

Make your marketing friendly and personal Consumers expect you to talk directly to them. Marketing segmentation can give individual consumers content designed specifically for them. That’s why I get frequent coupons for a specific brand of coffee and 2 lb bags of baby carrots. It’s why retargeting – showing ads for products a user has looked at […]

Cliches: They’re in the DNA of Corporate Branding

Of all the business cliches we love to mock (who doesn’t want to leverage a revolutionary, synergistic, full-stack, outside-the-box paradigm validated by key opinion leaders*), there’s one that has snuck in with barely a mention: DNA. Yes, the mighty molecule that gives us life’s code has turned into a throwaway line that you can use to convince […]

Just in case you don’t have a website…

You need a website, and it needs to be good. Everyone knows that, right? Well, yes, but knowing and doing are different things. Somehow, there are still life science startups out there without much – if any – web presence. On the other extreme, there are companies that look like they’re trying to get attention […]

“It Drives Me Crazy:” Marketing, Facts and Perception

Quick quiz: What should you do when people perceive your company in a way that isn’t consistent with the facts? Complain Work to change the perception Option 1 is, well, complaining. Option 2 is marketing. Recently, Maelle Gavet, EVP of global operations at the Priceline Group, was quoted in “The New Rivalries” article published in Fast Company’s […]

Less is more: learning to eat my own dog food

My primary goal for my clients is to take whatever scientific or medical idea they have, and distill it down into the cleanest possible form for the intended audience. That often means stripping away the jargon, summarizing the data, and explaining why it matters rather than what it is. So we talk about this model, […]

The Power of Emotion in Science and Healthcare

Emotions are a weird deal. They are integral to how we function, as our emotional control centers are necessary to make decisions and emotional/sensory inputs have a big effect on supposed concious, rational decisions. This came to mind last week watching the aftermath of the horror in Orlando and, even in the heartbreak of the […]

Thoughts from IDEALabs and Google Demo Day

Earlier this year, I attended two demo days – IDEALabs in St. Louis (in person) and Google (via remote). Plenty of great ideas and outstanding presentations from the 20 or so companies, and of course, plenty for some of them to work on. Here’s a few things that stood out to me. It’s all subjective […]

Welcome to Filament

So here we are. The new thing. Filament Life Science Communications. The goal of Filament is to continue helping life science and healthcare startups find the best ways to communicate with and engage their audiences. Opening the Filament brand will help reach more scientists, produce more content, and generally help more young companies with all […]